Who is Rob Cole?

Born in 1970, to a low income dysfunctional environment, Rob learned at a young age, “if you want something done, you had better figure out how to do it yourself,” an attitude that led him to a lifetime of acquiring new skills.

So, when his body and mind would no longer allow him to remain in service to his country, Rob decided to share those skills with the world through the written word.

"Once a soldier enters a life of service, they are forever bonded to serve."

At 50, Rob is rediscovering himself as a mentor to people who are trying to live with the ailments of the human experience. School consumes most of his time; however, he continues to write, and in the future, look to find his published works available on this site. For now, we hope you learn something from the articles, and join in the discussion. Through collaboration, we all move toward personal excellence.

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An Amateur Photographer, Rob brings yet another skill his clients can take advantage of.


Rob has a huge repertoire of skills and knowledge gained over a lifetime of studying and practical application. The following is but a highlight of his areas of expertise.

Human Health and Well-being

Rob’s primary area of focus is the health and well-being of the mind and body. After his second tour in Afghanistan, Rob came home with a broken body and a troubled mind. It took a decade of hard work, therapy, and personal study to come to grips with and recover from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alcoholism, chronic pain syndrome, and diabetes. There is no easy answer to the plagues of the human condition, but through the sharing of knowledge, Rob hopes to ease the struggles of others who suffer.


Rob has always been a veracious learner, especially of practical skills. He has designed and built three homes, completing all the trades work himself, with the help of his wife Serena. He gutted and rebuilt a 29′ sailboat which he and Serena sailed to the Bahamas from Canada¬†(Sailing Vita). Rob has taught yoga, carved love spoons, built furniture, designed and built boats, knitted afghans, and sewn quilts. Rob has been an addictions counsellor, IT supervisor, network administrator, project manager, telecommunications designer, and aircraft avionics technician.¬†

Although practical self-help is not a main focus of Rob’s, he is intending to write DIY books on building a personal music studio, building a trailerable houseboat, and building the environmentally conscious home. Join the mailing list on the home page and be the first to know when Rob has published these works.

Canadian soldier in Afghanistan
Sgt Rob Cole - Afghanistan 2009
captain at the helm of a sailboat
Sailing a 29' boat to the Bahamas from Canada
Happiness can often be found hundreds of miles from anything

Writing and Editing

Rob is currently working on an undergraduate degree with a focus in creative writing while completing a university editing certificate program. His goal is to provide writing and editing services to clients who want to write their own non-fiction books and memoirs. Rob has been self-publishing low content books for years, and has developed extensive knowledge of the self-publishing world. His hope is to help people make their books a work of art, providing editing, formatting, and structural consulting services to budding authors and professionals. Until then, Rob will continue to write and develop his skills so that he can better serve his clients.